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સ્માર્ટફોનમાં રીસન્ટ એપ્સના સ્ક્રીનમાં એપ પર દેખાતી લોકની નિશાની શેને માટે હોય છે?

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  1. Sir#I have no words to appreciate you for giving so many useful information about computer and mobile technology. My personal request is to post cyber safar issue online in printed issue format.just like read printed edition in hands.so Pl think over my request and fulfil my request if possible.in jio app I read magazines in that format.just like printed book.waiting for kind positive reply asap. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Girishbhai for your kind words! We used to provide all the issues in the flipbook format, just like the printed version and in 4colour design, but unfortunately, people get the PDF of the issue and then circulate them on social media! So, we had to stop it. But we are trying to find some way!

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