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Privacy Policy

We, at CyberSafar Edumedia respect the privacy of visitors to our website at URL https://cybersafar.com, the App and all the pages that form a part of our Website and App (the “Website and App”).

Record of visits

When you visit our Website and/or App, our server makes a record of the visits and logs your server Internet Protocol address, your domain name, the date and time of visit to our Website and/or App, the pages that you have accessed, the previous site/s you may have visited and the type of browser used. This information is used for statistical purposes and no attempt is made to identify users, or their browsing activities, unless we are required by the law to do so.

Collection of information

We also collect personally identifiable information such as your e-mail address or other personal details (collectively known as “Personally Identifiable Information”) during activities such as purchasing items from our Website, and contacting our support team through the Internet or our Website and/or App. Please note that this list of the activities is not exhaustive and we will from time to time increase the range of such activities. However, this privacy policy will still apply to such activities. The Personally Identifiable Information we collect will typically be used by us to offer you special promotional offers and/or exciting product opportunities through various communication channels from time to time. 

In general, we do not sell/ pass on any of your Personally Identifiable Information to anyone, but in case, you have availed our publications and/or services at a discounted price due to any sponsor bearing the remaining cost, we believe it is fair to share the buyers contact information with the sponsors, so that they can contact them in future, if they may decide to.


We make use of “cookies” to make our website perform better. Cookies are small text files that a website will store on your device to enable it to recognize repeat users. They are required to offer easy access to the paid content to the buyers. Cookies are not programs that come into a user’s system to damage files. Cookies are used to help us follow the pattern of movements of web users such as which pages on our website and/or app you visit, in what order and how often. If you are unhappy about having a cookie assigned to you, you can configure your browser to refuse to accept cookies.

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