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About Company

CyberSafar Edumedia is an endeavour to make families internet friendly.

Here is a brief outline of its evolution:

January 2008

The journey began as a weekly column titled ‘CyberSafar’ in a leading Gujarati daily, in January 2008.

The aim of the column was to provide easy understanding of the newer personal technologies as well as useful and educational web-services available on the Internet.

January 2009

Huge response from the readers lead to the development of the first, full-fledged website of this subject in Gujarati – www.cybersafar.com.

February 2012

‘CyberSafar Edumedia’ as a firm established.

With growing demand, a printed monthly magazine titled ‘CyberSafar’, the first of its kind in Gujarati launched.

Publication of Easy Guide, Handy Guide and Quick Guide also initiated.

July 2012

An online multimedia edition of the magazine launched, again the first of its kind in Gujarati language.

June 2022

An Android app launched with the magazine in an easy-to-read print like layout, as well as the first-of-its-kind Mini Guides and Digital Books. 

Legally ‘CyberSafar Edumedia’ is a sole proprietary firm of Himanshu Kikani, a communication professional with about 30 years of experience in journalism, development communication and advertising.

‘CyberSafar’ magazine is registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India, New Delhi. Himanshu Kikani (himanshu@cybersafar.com)  is the founder, editor and publisher of the same.

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